February 15 2024 0Comment

Great Sutton, Wynne Construction

CDL Partitions recently commenced this project with Wynne Construction.
It involves Wynne Construction building a new Scout facility and Village Hall building for the local community and demolishing the existing building..

This releases land for a major Heath Centre to be constructed. CDL have secured the full partitions, ceilings and fire proofing on all 3 building.

Dave Williams, CDL site manager has started this contract for CDL on his first solo lead. As the contract is gathering momentum, he will soon be joined by Ashley Evans fresh from our Birmingham contract. Dave has handled the contract excellently to date and enjoyed the challenge. Ashley has worked as Logistics manager on our major contract in Birmingham all last year and done a great job. Stepping up to manage the full contract with Dave will be a good learning curve for them both. We wish them both every success.

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